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Guy Lerner

Guy Lerner

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Guy M. Lerner is the editor and founder of The Technical Take blog.

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    Whether real or perceived, inflationary pressures are a headwind for equities. Data out this week shows year over year changes in both CPI and PPI…

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    I came across this quote from Professor Mark J. Perry of the Carpe Diem blog. I have often thought similar things. Dr. Perry writes: "Bottom…

  • How Will We Know The Secular Trend Change In 10 Year Treasury Yields Is For Real?

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    I am on record stating that yields on the 10 year Treasury bond will move higher over the next 12 months, and this will represent…

  • Investor Sentiment: You Have To Believe

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    The "Dumb Money" indicator is shown in figure 1. The "Dumb Money" indicator looks for extremes in the data from 4 different groups of investors…

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    One of the major themes that I have been highlighting on this blog since its inception 6 months ago is the potential for a secular…

  • The LEI, SP500, And 10 Month Moving Average

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    Over the past month I have highlighted the strategy attributed to Mebane Faber. It is a simple but elegant strategy that probably gets more merit…

  • EWJ And The USDJPY

    Published 05 June 2009 | viewed 3,230 times

    I would like to explore the relationship between the i-Shares MSCI Japan Index Fund (symbol: EWJ) and the US Dollar Japanese Yen (symbol: USDJPY) cross…

  • Question: What Does The Bullish Signal From The Coppock Guide Mean? Answer: Absolutely Nothing!

    Published 02 June 2009 | viewed 4,522 times

    I am seeing several articles in the main stream press and blogosphere regarding the "bullish signal" given by a technical indicator known as the Coppock…

  • Investor Sentiment: Intent On Crushing The Bears

    Published 31 May 2009 | viewed 4,193 times

    There is no meaningful difference in the "Dumb Money" and "Smart Money" indicators from last week. The "dumb money" is extremely bullish, and their persistence…

  • 5 Reasons To Be Bullish On Gold

    Published 29 May 2009 | viewed 4,620 times

    Before getting to our analysis, let me first state that I hate snappy titles like the one I have used for this article. You know,…

  • 10 Year Treasury Yields: Price Action Confirms Secular Trend Change

    Published 27 May 2009 | viewed 4,897 times

    A monthly close over 3.432% confirms the secular trend change in the 10 year Treasury bond that I have been expecting and writing about for…

  • Investor Sentiment: A Widening Divergence

    Published 25 May 2009 | viewed 3,811 times

    For the US equities market, we see a widening divergence between the "Smart Money" and the "Dumb Money" indicators. The "dumb money" has maintained its…

  • Inflation Expectations To Pressure Equities

    Published 22 May 2009 | viewed 3,135 times

    This is a headwind for equities that has started to pop up over the past couple of weeks. Yet, it has taken years to ferment…

  • Gold: Still On The Launching Pad

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    I last wrote about gold on April 30, 2009. In that article, I stated that gold was on the launching pad. Something big was going…

  • Barron's Weighs In On Treasury Yields (Again!)

    Published 19 May 2009 | viewed 3,546 times

    This is the second cover story in 5 months for Barron's on the bursting of the bubble in Treasury yields. I have been closely following…

  • Investor Sentiment: Is More Bulls A Good Thing?

    Published 17 May 2009 | viewed 3,048 times

    Although the S&P500 lost 4.9% for the week, the bullish contingent actually grew stronger. This can be seen in the "Dumb Money" indicator shown in…

  • More Headwinds To Worry About

    Published 12 May 2009 | viewed 4,970 times

    On the way into the office this morning, I was listening to CNBC radio on Sirius Satellite. In that 7 minute drive, I think I…

  • Investor Sentiment: It Takes Bulls To Make A Bull Market

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    The "Dumb Money" indicator now shows that there are too many bulls. From a contrarian perspective, one would think that this is bearish for prices…

  • Bursting Of The Bond Bubble: Not So Fast

    Published 08 May 2009 | viewed 4,099 times

    The yield on the 10 year Treasury bond has spiked 10% in the past two weeks, and many are now jumping on the "bonds are…

  • Bear Market Rally Or New Bull?

    Published 06 May 2009 | viewed 5,167 times

    Since the equity markets bottomed on March 9, I have always been very careful to point out that the current rally is a bear market…